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Why Don't You Blog About THAT Cincinnati Patio Home Community?

Cincinnati patio home communities

If you're searching Cincinnati patio homes for sale you've probably found us on one of our sites and our pages and pages of information about Cincinnati patio homes.  But you MIGHT know some information about a patio home community and find out we've NEVER published any information on that community?  Why the gap?

Chances are strong it's NOT because we don't know about them, but rather there's a purpose to our omission!

We don't publish ALL communities because we keep SOME communities unhighlighted.  The information about those "hidden" Cincinnati patio home communities is reserved for patio home buyers that specifically hire us to help them.

We may also not publish information about communities unlikely to have a patio home for sale on a regular basis.  If you know where to look (and we do), there are some small pockets of patio homes.  For instance considering how little turnover happens with patio homes, a community of only 5 patio homes could go many years between offerings.  No point in getting your hopes up about living in community X if there's almost no chance of a patio home being for sale.  However, we DO still track those communities, so if there happens to be one for sale, we'll let our buyers know.

And lastly, there are patio home communities that aren't really eligible for us to help our buyers with.  They go by different names:  assisted living and Continued Care Retirement Community as a couple of examples (click the link for details of one in Montgomery Ohio).  The communities have various styles of homes (patio homes, attached ranch condos, apartments), but they're not offering homes for sale in the traditional sense.  Instead, you're paying a large entrance fee and monthly fees for a place to stay and with a tier of medical care/assisted living that is appropriate for your needs.  You don't own the home, the company providing the community does.  So that's why we don't cover that type of community.


 Just give Bill a call at 513-520-5305 or email and we can discuss whether we can help you with your patio home search. 

Serving the Cincinnati patio home market,

Liz and Bill aka BLiz 

P.S.  Need help selling your home?  We don't just help home buyers, we also help home sellers of all types of housing, not just patio homes.


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If you're searching Cincinnati patio homes for sale you've probably found us on one of our sites and our pages and pages of information about Cincinnati patio homes. But you MIGHT know some information about a patio home community and find out we… more
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